Smile in the Mind sequel should focus on the idea

In response to Greg Quinton’s question regarding whether there is any interest out there for a follow-up to the seminal book A Smile in the Mind (Letters, DW 22 October), I’d support a new edition.

His other question, about whether such work is really relevant any more, is more interesting. I believe it is, though an entire edition about witty thinking in design isn’t the right thing to do.

Many consultancies produce witty work, and it would be good to pick up on this, but perhaps a new version could broaden out, to include great ideas-driven work that isn’t necessarily ‘funny’, but still plants a smile in your mind when interacting with the work.

There are dozens of great consultancies out there that champion ideas above all else, and it would be appropriate to see a book showcasing this.
Perhaps there could be a student edition, too, as many courses now attempt to embed ideas-based thinking.
Martin Schooley, Programme leader, BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Illustration, University of Hertfordshire, by e-mail

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