06th August 2009

Graphic feast

Who doesn’t like a good list, a learned selection of the best of the best? It invariably triggers debate about inclusion and omission, or joy of finding your personal favourite

Jo Kotas

Let your cash flow online

A strong and well-defined Web presence seems to be back on the agenda now. Jo Kotas is reassured by the first few signs of digital spring

Irene Jacobs

Modern hieroglyphics

The pictogram universe is far from fixed, with modernising influences and different cultural requirements provoking constant evolution. Anna Richardson looks at the ideas behind some recent schemes

The Shawshank Redemption

Going off-screen

In a mixed-media world with ever more fluid boundaries between genres such as film and theatre, reinterpreting movies for the stage makes perfect sense. Nick Smurthwaite investigates the design challenges

cocoa bean

Profile – Fredrik Ahlin

Hotel Chocolat’s Fredrik Ahlin excels at creating layers of mystique around his product – without skimping on ethical credentials. Suzanne Hinchliffe meets a creative with an appetite for sweet sophistication

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