The Web Well wheels in online work for Guardian of the Standard

The Web Well is working on two digital projects for fashion brand-owner Guardian of the Standard.

The consultancy is designing a website for fashion label Reilly, which will include a gaming component, and, in a separate project, it is creating an online catalogue for high-end fashion label Natural Selection.

Guardian of the Standard appointed The Web Well directly in November, according to the consultancy’s design director Piers Milburn.

Milburn says the online catalogue for Natural Selection, which is ‘high-fashion, artisan and based on traditional British values’, will have an ‘industrial feel’ when it launches on 20 January.

The image-led site, using photography commissioned by the label, will act as an online look book and catalogue.

Backdrops will incorporate a leather patch, found on the back of all the brand’s jeans. ‘It will include an engraving on the patch, in the same way the stock of a shot gun is engraved, as a pastiche,’ Milburn says.

The Reilly site, which launches on 20 January, will show clothing depicting illustrations by Paul Reilly (pictured) and is being created ‘with the objective of instigating gossip’, Milburn says. It has been designed to allow the possibility for e-commerce development.

The game, which will greet visitors as they enter the home page, involves ‘catching eye balls’, Milburn says. ‘We’ll be animating his illustrations and bringing them to life,’ he adds.

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