The Yard Creative designs fast-food outlets

The Yard Creative is working on retail designs for two fast-food brands, with outlets set to open at Westfield Merry Hill in the West Midlands.

The two brands – Olive Oil & Oregano (pictured) and Patafritas – are owned by Glin Glon, and already have branches across Europe.

The branches are set to open in June, and mark the UK debut for the two brands, while Yard Creative creative director Steve James-Royle says there are plans to establish further branches for both brands across the UK.

The Yard Creative was appointed directly to the project in January, following its work on Sunshine Kebabs (DW 20 August 2009), says James-Royle.

The consultancy was tasked with creating retail designs for one unit each for Olive Oil & Oregano and Patafritas at Westfield Merry Hill.

James-Royle describes the look for Olive Oil & Oregano as promoting ’real honesty’, as the food is cooked on a charcoal grill in front of the customer. He adds, ’It’s an island unit so it has to be clean all the way round.’

The outlet uses glass – so people can see the food being cooked – and the wooden border has an icon branded into it which references the olive oil and oregano ingredients.

Patafritas is a ’much younger, funkier brand’, says James-Royle.

The brand serves differently shaped potato chips with a choice of toppings or dips. James-Royle says, ’We wanted to have an element of humour, so it’s very playful, and very bright and punchy.’

James-Royle adds, ’Because it’s a new offer in the UK, we had to create very clear step-by-step communications so that people know how to order.’

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