Robinson brands new aerospace body

Robinson & Associates has created the identity for the Aerospace Communities Alliance, a start-up organisation which puts the interests of aerospace industry groups – including Rolls-Royce and Airbus – to Government.

Appointed in July through an intermediary, Essential Marketing Solutions, the consultancy was asked to create an identity that describes the organisation without using an acronym, according to consultancy director James Robinson.

He says, ‘For me it’s an obvious choice – you can see it’s an aerospace endeavour from the blades we’ve used, which have overtones of a jet fan or a propeller.’

The two lines of text, in a New Media Fett Kursiv font, are meant to represent the curvature of an aeroplane wing, says Robinson.

The aerospace sector employs more than 100 000 workers and is made up of local authorities, regional aerospace alliances and sector professionals.
A website is currently being designed by the consultancy.

Postcards, banners and a brochure with metallic-coloured cover and text will be rolled out with the identity when the organisation launches at the House of Commons on 20 October. The metallic tone is a fifth colour, added to ‘reflect the brand’s aeronautical values’, says Robinson.

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