Witty design doesn’t have to end with A Smile in the Mind

All of us here at Thoughtful agree with Luke Manning’s choice of inspiration – Beryl McAlhone’s and David Stuart’s A Smile in the Mind is a constant source of inspiration for us, too (Inspired, DW 24 September).

We’ve been thinking it would be a great time for ‘A Second Smile in the Mind’, which would include a new generation of designers and consultancies that play with graphic wit in their work – names like Purpose, Johnson Banks and Daniel Eatock, to name a few.

This ‘sequel’ could, in addition, explore wit and craft outside the realm of graphic design – the Marto Money Box, for example.

We’d be interested to hear from other designers on this, and wonder if The Partners has itself ever considered a sequel.
James Graham, Chris Jeffreys and Stuart Price at Thoughtful, by e-mail

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