Inspired – Steven Anderson

It’s official, I’m an ‘iPhone geek’ (as my nine-year-old son embarrassingly jeered at me last week). This was confirmed again this week when I was reprimanded by the rest of the team here in a management meeting for taking us completely off our new business discussion and on to my latest favourite iPhone app.

With more than 50 000 apps there’s lots of useless stuff out there, but there are some gems. My latest is TypeDrawing, which lets you create typographic images in seconds that would otherwise take hours of patient crafting. You can also overlay your artwork on to an image and then save it for mailing – great fun.

On a more serious note, how long is it going to be before Adobe starts issuing simpler, scaled-down CS apps that are reworked for fingertips and no keyboards? I’m looking forward to being able to design on-the-go in a way that’s not just for fun. What this means long-term about our interaction with technology to execute our craft is anybody’s guess. Could this be the start of designers going back to ‘sketching’ first and then on to our ‘big Macs’ to draw it all up for real?

This is only the beginning – I’m not even going to start on how I can program my Sky+ box from my iPhone…

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