Keeping design at the heart of sustainability

Although it’s great that there seems to be greater recognition of design consultancies’ role in driving sustainability (News in Depth, DW 18 June), I think the design industry still has a way to go before it loses its ‘airy fairy’ image in this area.

However, in my view, this image is far from fair. For instance, we work closely with our owner, international premedia group Schawk, to understand the whole packaging supply chain, and therefore fully recognise the impact of any changes made to packaging on cost, the environment and also the brand.

We are both currently working together with a client on improving sustainability and have devised a strategy which will see palette colours being reduced from six to four, and the introduction of other technologies to reduce the use of chemical solvents and limit energy consumption.

Both these changes will have a significant impact on sustainability and profitability, and, because both businesses are being involved across the whole packaging process, any impact on packaging design integrity is kept to a minimum.

It is only by keeping design within the heart of sustainability planning that you can give customers what they want, while maintaining brand values and maximising profitability.
Phill Jones, Creative services director, Anthem Worldwide

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