The world’s biggest mobile phone makers have announced a deal to use a universal charger that will work on every handset. What single design change would improve your everyday life?

If someone could devise a way of incorporating keyboard shortcuts into the real world that would be wonderful. Apple+Z and Apple+F would make everything so much more agreeable.
Ian Hambleton, Partner/account director, Studio Output

The revolution I await is in footwear. With London temperatures soaring into the 30s, I long to pace through my days with cooler feet. Rather than joining the muesli-munching sandal brigade, I would prefer to wear standard leather shoes… chilled. I’m not talking about the barely evident effects offered by the Geox brand, I’m talking genuine air-conditioning – surely someone could convert the energy used in walking to provide the power needed to cool my feet. Easy, no?
Patrick Hunt, Creative director, Therefore

The electric plug. Every time I need to connect one, I have to open up another one to see how it’s wired. Strip back coloured wires with a rusty Stanley knife against my bare fingers, the fine copper wires inserting themselves behind my fingernails. Ouch. And then I need the dexterity of a concert saxophonist in order to get the wires into the holes, simultaneously inserting, screwing and pushing. Brown for earth, is it? Blue’s definitely neutral. That means green is live, no? Anyway, it’s not a matter of life or death, is it?
Alan Herron, Creative director, True North

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