Erotica brand Coco de Mer launches new “exploration and discovery” branding

As part of the rebrand, by Williams Murray Hamm, new boxed packaging has been introduced, with a “seductive” peep-hole that “teases people with the erotic prints that lie behind”.



Williams Murray Hamm has created a new identity for erotica brand Coco de Mer, which is based on the idea of “exploration and discovery”.

WMH has updated the Coco de Mer identity and introduced new packaging as part of the project.

WMH creative director Garrick Hamm says: Over the last decade the brand had changed. From feeling gently chaotic (in a good way), bespoke and unique, it felt as if it had been tidied up, commercialised and lost its sense of passion and vision.”

New boxed packaging has been introduced across the range, which WMH says features a “seductive” peep-hole that “teases people with the erotic prints that lie behind”.

This is being used across Coco de Mer’s range of toys, oils, lubricants and candles, while the branding is being applied to shopping bags, brochures and more.

As well as being based on the idea of “exploration & discovery”, WMH says the new branding also uses the concept of “encountering the unexpected” and showcases heritage prints.

The consultancy says it has also introduced a “sophisticated” new colour palette of teal, black, ceramic, clementine, ‘Coco gold’ and red , while the Coco de Mer logo has been redrawn in gold.

As part of the rebrand, Coco de Mer is introducing a new range of toys “inspired by some of history’s grand-dames of seduction”: Nell Gwynne, Georgiana the Duchess of Devonshire and Catherine Howard. This range uses the boxed packaging peephole designs.

Hamm adds: “The sex market is booming. It’s one of Britain’s fastest growing industries – 50 per cent of the British population claim to own at least one sex toy. Yet it’s almost entirely a cheap world of pink plastic and gaudiness.

“But who says the world of sex toys et al has to be this way, especially as it is becomes mainstream? Why is there no beautiful, exquisite brand operating at the other end of the market in the UK, making erotica truly luxurious, exquisite and special?  This was the opportunity we wanted to help reposition Coco De Mer to exploit.

“It has sometimes flirted with this positioning but in the end has always been a bit too quirky and chaotic. We wanted to redesign it to plant the brand firmly on this contemporary, luxury ground. As if Penhaligons, Paul Smith or Liberty did erotica.”



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    Great – an idea in a design solution. As it should be!

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