Loaf announces bricks and mortar retail concept

Blass Design is working on a retail concept for furniture company Loaf, which is set to open its first physical store Loaf Shack, this autumn.



Handmade furniture company Loaf, which has made its name online, is to open a physical store in London called Loaf Shack.

Loaf was founded in 2008 and specialises in British-made beds, sofas and furniture. According to the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 it is now ranked as the 52nd fastest growing company in the UK.

Interiors consultancy Blass Design has been brought on board to create a store concept for the 697m 2 space located in Battersea, London, which is set to open in the autumn.

Blass Design Founder Clive Blass says that the online brand is defined by its colloquial and personable language and tone of voice. His team will look to imbue the space with this language he says.

“Some of the most interesting cultures around at the moment are born online and we’re looking for ways to find new customer relationships and help them build these in the physical world.

“With a traditional brief we might get given hints like an antique or weather beaten look for example, but Loaf told us they wanted to talk about how the space will make their customer feel,” says Blass.

Some of the online brand language will find its way into the space as applied graphics, signage and wayfinding.


Blass says: “Their language is constantly shifting so we need a flexible solution, which may be blackboards and a hand written feel, as written by hand means today, now – like a specials menu in a café or restaurant. It also reflects the handmade nature of the furniture.”

Loaf Founder Charlie Marshall says: “We want customers to feel relaxed enough to kick-off their shoes, put their feet up and experience why we’re dubbed ‘the sultans of snug’. In fact, I’d call it less of a showroom and more of a Slowroom.”

To show the range of materials and finishes on offer a “workshop area” has been designed so that customers can look at the range and go through samples.

Meanwhile some contextual living spaces will be created within railway arches found toward the rear of the space.

Other plans include an ice cream parlour, chill out area and The Snugville Mattress Testing Arena.


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  • Kirsty Wiseman June 4, 2015 at 11:21 am

    Totally sold. Hope they grow rapidly enough to have a shop front in Manchester.

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