Arthesia West in Audi driving seat

A major new permanent car exhibition described as “Disneyland for drivers” will feature a pavilion devoted to the Audi brand designed by Arthesia West.

AutoStadt is being developed by the Volkswagen Group at its headquarters near Munich, Germany, and will include pavilions for each of the company’s brands, including VW, Seat, Bentley, Lamborghini and Audi.

Arthesia West is working with architects Henn on the Audi pavilion, which aims to capture and display the values of the brand. Audi is the premium marque in the Volkswagen stable. Arthesia creative director Alex Ritchie says the pavilion’s shape will be akin to a pair of lungs, each containing a different theme.

The first will focus on the importance of technology to the Audi brand, encapsulated by the Vorsprung Durch Technik advertising.

Features will be activated by floor sensors and include the projection of images on to aluminium walls, and the use of robots.

The other half of the pavilion focuses on the emotions aroused by the brand. “It is to remind visitors that Audi has a soul – it is not just about functional and technically-advanced machines,” says Ritchie.

AutoStadt is scheduled to open in June 2000.

The Audi Foundation, the organisation which supports young engineers and designers in Britain, has awarded a grant of 5000 to four Loughborough University students. Daniel Mohacek, James Kynvin, Mark Robertson and Lee Bazalgette have developed the Flytech, an environment-friendly scooter that is capable of storing energy.

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