The University of Nottingham has had its conference venues rebranded by local group Cross Hill Conwill.

The Business Software Alliance will target nearly 3000 design, printing and publishing companies as part of its BSA Crackdown 99 initiative. It aims to stamp out unlicensed use of software packages.

Watchword, the magazine of Wildlife Watch, has been redesigned by London consultancy Fly Design.

Scottish beer Belhaven Best has been given a new brand identity, can and bar font by Edinburgh design group Northcross. The design adds more prominence to the word ‘Best’, while reinforcing the Belhaven name as an endorsement. The beer, which falls into the mixed gas ale sector has been given a shape, colour and texture which ‘conveys a strength of character and smoothness of taste symbolic of the product itself’, says Northcross design director Charles Barr.

Design and strategy group Hero Creative has produced an interactive CD-ROM presentation for Aries, a software package from insurance broker and underwriter Willis Corroon.

The Department of Trade and Industry has appointed London design group Aspect to create a logo and literature packs for export campaign First Time Exhibitors.

Kallaway Jebens Design has designed an investor relations brochure for The Economist.

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