Leeds group Elmwood has designed a new bath, made for two and manufactured by Northern Ireland company Adamsez. The heart-shaped, free-standing vessel is made of ICI Lucite, and comes with exceptional depth and shoulder room. Elmwood designer Richard Palmer says, ‘We drew on the concept of natural images, which fits perfectly with the brand ideals of Lucite. Within the bath, the curves and rolled edges capture the essence of a lily.’

Anglo-German design group Thomas Manss & Company has been appointed to design Art Quarterly, the magazine of the National Art Collections Fund, starting with the current issue. The NACF is the UK’s leading independent art charity, committed to enriching and preserving public collections around the country. Art Quarterly is sent to its 120 000 members. Thomas Manss will also produce the fund’s 1998 annual review, which is due to be published during the summer.

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