You can help to shape the future of design

My colleague, at the University of Hertfordshire, Qona Rankin’s letter (DW 12 February) made the point that if the futurologists are correct then we should now start educating designers for a role that will require them to make a broader contribution in the future.

There is evidence that creative exploration is to be given the chance to make its contribution as a provider of serious solutions in a considerably increased sphere of applications.

It could also be the chance to move general perception a little away from the ironically conservative viewpoint that it usually has of design and designers.

Basic to this is the development of the notion of the designer as shaper of life patterns rather than “a style service” provider.

We are intending to hold a conference here in the autumn to progress this discussion. If anyone would like to attend or feels that they can contribute, please let me know.

Michael Goatman

Principal lecturer design

University of Hertfordshire

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