CAD wannabes are building in numbers

The phenomenon irritating Tony Huggett (DW Letters 26 July) is not confined to graphics. The 3D design industry is equally afflicted by people who, because they know how to use CAD, presume they are good designers. Unfortunately, a lot of them seem to get away with it, and mediocre or even lousy products and buildings are the inevitable result.

It is hard to understand how CAD, which is a tool in the same way that pencils and scale-rules are, has become widely accepted as a creative source in its own right. Fortunately, however, not everyone is duped – I recently heard a senior designer with a major architecture and interior design practice refer to his CAD technicians as the “nerds in the basement”.

What the nerds called the designers is not recorded.

John Franklin

John Franklin Design

London N1

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