Drink Up

Ale enthusiast Hannah Booth samples a small selection of the hundreds of beers appearing at this year’s Great British Beer Festival – from a design point of view, of course. Additional research by Natalie Adams

Curious passers-by, tipplers and serious drinkers can gorge themselves on beers of all description at next week’s Great British Beer Festival. But what’s in it for the design fan?

Beer has long been a fruitful source of design work for consultancies, from bottle design to brand identities and packaging, and creatives could do a lot worse th

an pop down to London’s Olympia for inspiration. Just don’t make plans for later.

Festival organiser Camra is continuing its campaign to target young female drinkers. Storm Design has created a poster, unveiled next Tuesday, depicting a ‘strong’ young women as the goddess of beer, Ninkasi, as part of Camra’s ‘Ask if it’s Cask’ natural ale campaign. ‘Beer marketing is usually aimed at men, which is a huge missed opportunity,’ says Camra marketing manager, Louise Ashworth. ‘Why do brewers assume women shouldn’t appreciate beer?’

Camra has selected its design favourites from this year’s festival, including beers aimed at men and women. We showcase them here.

The 2002 Great British Beer Festival runs from 6 to 10 August at London Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London W14

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