Poulter spread for Princes food range

Poulter Partners has designed packaging for food and drink manufacturer Princes’ relaunch of its meat and fish pastes range, which are scheduled to go on shelf by the end of this month.

Princes claims to be the foremost supplier of canned goods in the UK and the country’s third largest supplier of soft drinks.

The consultancy’s design work will be applied to all Princes and Shippams pastes, the sub-brand acquired by the company in February 2001, according to Princes marketing director Neil Brownbill.

Chris Bartlett, marketing controller for sandwich solutions at Princes, says the brief was to update the look of the packaging. ‘We wanted something to reinvigorate the category and make the Princes brand more relevant and appealing to today’s lifestyle,’ he explains.

The design features photography of people eating the pastes, known as ‘Princes People’, says a source at Poulter Partners. These images are set against a white background and the jars have the appearance of Cornish pots.

The relaunch stems from new product development that has been carried out in-house at Princes. Bartlett says the design adopts a ‘sleeve’ type concept, which was used on Shippams jars last year, though he describes the execution by Poulter Partners as ‘revolutionary’.

Edinburgh-based consultancy Tayburn Brands has also been working with Princes on packaging design for canned goods and has developed brand guidelines. These have been prepared ‘with scope for flexibility for how they work in the different categories’, according to Brownbill.

Poulter Partners completed a six-figure packaging redesign at the beginning of the year for Italian food brand Napolina, also part of Princes.

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