Serving the community notice of showroom robbery

Now we like to think of this column as the equivalent of the village pump in days of yore. The design community can gather and have a natter and all will be well in the kingdom.

We don’t usually go in for crime reporting, but were alarmed to hear from one of our Clerkenwell parishioners, Janette Carpenter-Donnelly, who tells us the Samas furniture showroom was robbed on Monday.

A man posing as a customer was given the tour and, left to his own devices for a moment, swiped a laptop, handbag and a couple of wallets, which he seems to have passed to an accomplice on a rear landing.

Naturally, we are happy to do our public service duty and alert other outlets in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, our regular beat prevents us from dispatching DCI Newsdesk to the scene though.

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