Sice rejoins SAS after long break

Jeremy Sice is rejoining Stocks Austin Sice as managing director on Monday 5 August after three years away from the consultancy.

Sice says he will fill the newly created post to enable David Stocks and Nick Austin to revert to the ‘roles they are best at’ – being creative directors and creative partners. As part of the reshuffle, Tara Benson, formerly with Luxon Carrá Springpoint, joins SAS in mid-August as head of business development.

Stocks and Austin approached Sice to rejoin the consultancy following an appraisal of the business by Ticegroup management consultant Ian Cochrane.

While Cochrane identified the need for a business development person, Stocks says he and Austin realised that ‘we were actually missing Jeremy’.

‘We felt the potential [of working together] hadn’t been fully realised,’ Stocks adds.

Sice co-founded SAS in 1989 with Stocks and Austin when the trio left the then Michael Peters Group. In his time away, he has worked on publishing ventures with writer Tim Rich and as managing and marketing director of property services group Heven Holdings, which owns estate agent and SAS client Foxtons.

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