The Nuffield Foundation finds Synergy for revamped annual report

The Nuffield Foundation, the social science grant-making trust, is hoping to attract more applicants through a magazine-style annual report, designed by Synergy, which is published next week.

The foundation gave out £2m less than the £8m it aimed to last year and finance director James Brooke-Turner believes the revamped annual report, which has been split into separate annual accounts and annual review documents, will improve communication of the organisation’s ethos.

The last redesign of the foundation’s annual report was carried out by Brooke Calvery in 1991 and the format has followed that template since then.

The annual review includes eight case studies, which highlight projects that the foundation has funded, illustrated by sophisticated graphics and photos, according to Synergy strategist Olivia Sprinkle. Assistant creative director Clare Playne led the project.

The foundation’s annual report is distributed to its database of university departments, Government contacts and members of the general public.

Synergy won the £20 000 job after a three-way unpaid creative and credentials pitch in April.

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