For those of us who drank squashes in our youth, exotic fruit presses and cordials are the new adult option. The market in dilute-to-taste cordials is expanding, according to research carried out by Britvic, and to grab its share of this market, the soft drinks company has worked with Coley Porter Bell to create a stand-alone cordial brand.

Called Orchard Rain, the concept is one of four options adopted for research. CPB created packaging and brand names for all four options, but Orchard Rain was the most successful because ‘it was refreshing, vibrant and had the strongest flavour cues’, says CPB director Richard Murray.

‘The chosen design endorses the adult premium positioning and reflects the abundance of fruit associated with orchards – the concept is unashamedly ingredient-focused,’ says Murray.

The brand is not endorsed by Britvic on the packaging, so the consultancy had to create a brand name and packaging which could generate its own heritage and compensate for the lack of a familiar brand name.

‘We did create a concept which drew on the traditional idea of a tree bearing all types of fruit, but the Orchard Rain concept again won out because it looks sophisticated – and most of all it excites the senses with colour and fruit,’ says Murray.

Photographer Struan Wallace shot the pack illustrations through glass which was covered with water droplets to ’emphasise the refreshing nature of the product’, explains Murray.

Orchard Rain was introduced to Tesco for test marketing yesterday.

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