ICIG plans corporate strategy

A year of talks among academics and identity specialists has lead to the formation of the International Corporate Identity Group to promote better understanding of corporate identity.

The group, launched in London last week, aims to create a forum for corporate identity issues, to promote awareness of its strategic potential and to provide information to managers and academics in the field.

It is planning a workshop at the Marketing Education Group Conference in July and a symposium in London in November. It is also keen to establish US links.

The launch follows two international symposiums on the subject at Glasgow’s University of Strathclyde in 1994 and 1995. After the 1995 event a select group met to pen “the Strathclyde Statement”, which spells out ICIG’s belief in a well-managed corporate identity strategy. “By effectively managing its corporate identity an organisation can build understanding amongst its diverse stakeholders” it says.

Strathclyde remains the “co-ordinating centre” for the group, says Dr John Balmer of the university’s marketing department. There are links though with other institutions – notably the Dutch Erasmus University, set to become co-producer of a mooted ICIG journal.

The ICIG will be chaired by Lord Goold, who is also Chairman of Court at Strathclyde. Wolff Olins founder Wally Olins and Clive Chajet of US design consultancy Lippincott & Margulies are named as vice-presidents, alongside David Bernstein of Kelland Communications and Bob Worcester of market research company MORI. Dr Balmer is chairman and co-ordinator of the steering committee.

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