London reveals logo

A new brand identity for London is launched this week. Designed by Beresfords, the marque is intended to sell the city to international tourists and attract investment.

Appointed after a nine-way credentials pitch, Beresfords’ brief was to enable London to compete with other major world cities. The marque will be seen worldwide through literature and advertising as part of an 8m marketing drive.

Beresfords managing director Laura Haynes says she is ready for criticism of the identity from Londoners who may be unimpressed with the logo designed for their city, but the primary target audience is international.

Describing the task as “one of the most challenging we have faced”, Haynes says a detailed series of research was undertaken across the world.

“We kept returning to the word ‘diverse’,” says Haynes. “We had a diverse client base with its own diverse audiences, and a diversity of images reflecting London.”

Beresfords’ client for the project is Focus London, a group of bodies chaired by the London Tourist Board and including the British Tourist Authority and the Department of National Heritage.

The chosen identity is a crown shape formed by three dancing figures. The identity’s colours – red, blue and gold – give the brand strength, liveliness and movement, adds Haynes.

Beresfords is now involved in designing an animated version of the marque for on-screen use. The consultancy is finalising a manual with a wide circulation for the identity’s implementation.

Haynes says the marque has had a “very positive” reaction from the client and final research. “I feel we have created something as good as the España identity,” she says, referring to the logo designed by Joan Mirò for the Spanish Tourist Board.

The logo has been registered but will be freely available for promotional material and non-commercial merchandise.

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