Identica sets up new board for global work

The Identica Partnership has created an operating board to help manage its growth in the international market, which is expected to account for half its workload over the next year.

Chairman Michael Peters, whose group works in Europe, the US and Israel, believes competition in the international marketplace is stronger than the UK.

“The competition in every market is very severe, but overseas it is stronger because of the presence of international design groups and local companies that have realised that they have to get their act together,” he says.

“Many clients are involved in overseas ventures and brand issues are global. We have strengthened our management team with people who are fluent in the international market,” he adds.

The Identica board consists of Peters, deputy chairman Tom Austin and three senior managers, including senior creative director Carole Laugier and Ruth Goddard, who joins as finance director from Epb.communications.

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