NE6 sticks its oar in Canoe England brand

The British Canoe Union is to launch a new name and identity this month, created by NE6, as part of a £100 000 design project.

The identity is intended to increase and enhance the membership of Canoe England, as it will be known from November, through youth clubs, sports centres, outdoor centres, schools and universities. The British Canoe Union is the representative body of all local, national, international and Olympic canoeing and kayaking activities in the UK.

The logo is a stylised figure canoeing or kayaking and is designed to be representative of an individual expression of life, activity and participation, according to NE6.

The new logo becomes the Canoe England brand and will be applied to all events, merchandising and marketing.

NE6 managing director David Coates says, “Having created the identity we will now look at implementing the designs, putting together a member’s pack, posters and advertisements.” A website is planned and an exhibition stand is likely, he adds.

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