Roundel identity for Post Office watchdog

Roundel is branding the watchdog set up to regulate the postal service, with design work to be launched in March, for a fee between £50 000 and £100 000.

The Consumer Council for Postal Services has been set up to champion the rights of all the users of postal services in the UK. Its creation follows the passing of the Postal Services Act 2000, which recognises the need to protect consumer rights following the deregulation of the postal service, which begins in March.

Roundel, which was approached by the CCPS on the basis of recommendation rather than pitch, will design the corporate identity, literature and website and has taken part in a namegeneration exercise. It will also be involved in the implementation of all design work.

Roundel director John Bateson says that the CCPS needs a look that emphasises its independence.

Although the watchdog has been in operation since the beginning of the year, it still needs to develop its regional infrastructure before it can be launched fully, says CCPS head of media communications Elisabeth Hindle.

“The council is supported by nine sub-committees which are, as yet, not in place,” she says. There will be one regional committee in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and six in England.

The CCPS will develop policy on service issues with the Post Office and other licensees on issues affecting consumers.

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