Pessimistic view of packaging is not the whole story

As ever, Richard Murray has written an enlightening article, Proud to be in packaging (Private View, DW 18 June). I don’t share his pessimistic view of working in packaging. However, I was amused to note, we too have struggled to find a more emotive and defining word for this incredibly diverse design discipline.

In one sense, he is correct. Among our design peers branded packaging is not placed on a pedestal. I have long given up hope of British Design and Art Direction ever recognising the creativity of packaging or ever stringing the awards out across media – as they do for advertising.

Our clients understand the commercial power of creative and competitive packaging. As a designer, the integration of disciplines, graphic communication and industrial and product design (allied to marketing, technical knowledge and consumer insight), provides endless creative opportunities. This is achieved in a commercial area linking the manufacturer directly with the consumer.

I’m proud to work in the field and believe new technologies, emerging markets and a more demanding consumer make it a never ending creative challenge. If my fellow designers don’t recognise this through status or awards then c’est la vie.

Bill Wallsgrove

Creative director

Coleman Planet

London W6

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