Rolls-Royce gives its subsidiaries new life

ROLLS-ROYCE this week unveiled the latest two corporate brand identities developed within its fast-evolving business – Derby Specialist Fabrications and Allen Gears. The engineering parent group appointed Midlands design consultancy Cole Hansle to develop a new communication culture for three of its business units – Allen, DSF and Sourcerer. The latter was launched 12 months ago. According to Rolls-Royce head of identity and brand management Graham Truscott, the focus of the project was to create distinctive and separate identities for companies that have previously been associated with the famous Rolls-Royce branding. Truscott says, “For several businesses within the group, the Rolls-Royce branding was unhelpful [for sales to Rolls-Royce’s competitors] or a different personality to the Rolls-Royce identity offered the greatest competitive advantage.” Sourcerer was previously known as as Factory Supplies and Services. Truscott says the name change has already had a positive impact with both customers and staff. “The company went from doing 100 per cent of its business with Rolls-Royce to around just 65-70 per cent now, so it was important to make the company distinct.” Rolls Royce is also currently working on a number of other rebranding projects, though they are mainly concerned with joint venture partners such as Data Systems & Solutions.

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