Form design needs to tick all the right boxes

Having read David Bernstein’s Private View (DW 17 June), I find myself in total agreement. Information design in all its forms should inform clearly, simply and possibly quickly. Using the basic elements of typography and layout, the aesthetics of a form/coupon/voting slip can be made to work effectively.

Design is about creative problem solving, be it in a layout or three dimensional piece, and while elements such as self indulgence and decorativeness can play a part if there is logical reasoning, essentially it’s the use and application that should determine the final product. After all, aren’t forms and other more ‘technical’ documents excuses for good, clear typographic design skills to be shown in context?

As with all forms of design, one of the single key factors is appropriateness.

Bearing this simple rule in mind when producing glamorous corporate brand strategies, unglamorous voting slips or Government forms can only lead to a better and clearer understanding between the designers’ intent and the end-user.

Tony Malone


Marsh and Malone

Surrey RH8 0DY

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