Leo Fitzmaurice

Urban contours

Sprawling cities, with their clutter of obsolete objects and mishmash of buildings, are not always considered things of beauty. Impressive in their vibrancy they might be, but urbanism and consumerism

Trade secrets

Every designer – no matter how creative or multi-talented – comes to depend on one or two basic items at some time during their careers. Suzanne Hinchliffe asks some top

You Can Kingston project

Civic strategy

Where next for public-sector design, in the dawning age of cuts and austerity? In fact, design is now more crucial than ever to help deliver user-friendly and efficient services for

Profile: Kenn Munk

Taking play seriously sums up the philosophy of this Londonbased Dane, who combines a witty facility for the experiential with a talent for teaching design. Anna Richardson talks to him


What would you like to see the London Design Festival and the London Festival of Architecture do to mark the Olympics in 2012?

Best of the Web

www.hboimagine.com/#/art_heist/ Hboimagine.com makes for an interesting interactive experience, supporting the company’s current marketing campaign ’It’s more than you imagined’. The HBO cube shows four sides of a single story simultaneously

A harsh lesson

Today’s design students are inured to the economic pressures of professional life, but Adrian Shaughnessy wonders why our education system fails to prepare them for its creative realities.


Good for business?

Only time will tell whether the tax cuts announced in last week’s Emergency Budget will offset the impact of the draconian spending restrictions also put in place by the Chancellor.

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