Browser Creative designs identity of online games site

Browser Creative has designed the identity and website for a new online video-game exchange platform called Gaboom.

Approached by investor James King in February, the consultancy was tasked with branding the concept, which was devised by Jessica Ratcliffe.

Browser creative director René Morency led an iterative approach, and says the client favoured a route with a ’Pop Art, Roy Lichtenstein feel’.
Aimed at the 15- to 40-year-old market, the service, which launches this month, will be a portal for gamers to swap, sell or buy computer games – an industry Gaboom claims is worth more than 25 per cent of the high street video games market.

Morency says brand language is ’quite laid back’ on the site and is ’reflective of the identity’. He adds, ’It needed to be large, attractive and simple.’

The look and feel will support the functionality of the site, Morency says, which is based around three payment options which have all been given prominence on the first fold of the homepage.

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