Inspired: Ian Watson – Manchester City Football Club

There’s only one person that I can rely on to always kickstart the ideas process: the legendary David Bowie.

I discovered his works during my ’long hair and flares’ art school days, when I wanted to be in a rock band and design record sleeves.

Despite my wild shifts in fashion, design and musical taste over the intervening years, he’s been my constant companion ever since.

Bowie’s ability to morph his style, sound and look has impressed me most. He was revolutionary, never stuck in one movement or era, choosing change to stay relevant. This has encouraged me to avoid creating a house style for myself.

The innovative Ziggy Stardust and Thin White Duke eras have to be my favourites – the track Moonage Daydream alone has inspired a variety of my typeface and branding projects.

My rock ’n ’roll dreams are long abandoned, but as I sit down to design with my headphones on, I like to think I still inject a little bit of Bowie influence into my work.

’Rebel, Rebel’, as the song goes…

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