Love is in the air – and in your computer

Amorous creatives should be wary of a number of morphed versions of the ‘I love you’ virus which caused such global chaos recently. Details are being posted on the Web warning people to be vigilant.

The first of these variations is the ‘I love you too’ virus which spreads peace and harmony throughout the workplace, causing lost productivity and chaos in the world, as no one tries to screw anyone else out of a deal.

Others viruses include ‘unsafe sex’ which spreads unprotected files to every other hard disk on the Net, ‘safe sex’ which wraps the ‘I love you’ letter in a container that keeps it from spreading 99.45 per cent of the time, and the ‘sexual harassment lawsuit’ virus. The latter forwards a copy of the original virus to your human resources department and your lawyer with threatening legal language attached, before automatically accepting settlement offer e-mails over £100 000.

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