Nottingham students say ‘sample this!’

The spasmodic appearance of summer can only mean one thing: it’s that time of year again for student design shows. Inevitably, the flurry of invitations has already begun, with an array of original – and unoriginal – invites.

Certainly, at DW, we found the most interesting and thought-provoking offer to be that of the graphic design degree show at Nottingham Trent University, which takes place this weekend.

A selection of five different invitations have been designed, each using a medical urine specimen bottle. They include ‘creative flow’ featuring all the letters of the alphabet in a liquid (clear in colour), ‘creative value’ with gold glitter in the same substance, ‘creative boundaries’ containing several elastic bands and ‘creative persuasion’ which has a one dollar bill inside.

It is the final container which has sparked some debate though, with the words ‘creative release’ written on the side, and which appears to be empty. Perhaps this is to return to the organisers, notifying them of your attendance?

Continuing our lookalike series in Diary, following the recent appearance of Tim Brown, DW has come across a photograph of Gyro managing director Graham Dodridge. Original claims had been that the boss of the Chelsea Harbour-based consultancy had been separated at birth from Bradford City manager Paul Jewell. But this picture suggests that Dodridge is, in fact, a long-lost brother of a well-known actor and singer. See if you can spot any aspect of Dodridge that reminds you of this star of the stage.

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