Putting people first

Amnesty International, like so many other charities, has realised the importance of playing the celebrity game. While its message does sometimes cut through to make it some way up the political agenda and into the serious press, it’s still an uphill struggle.

But, today, demonstrations of solidarity are designed differently. No longer do you need many people to take to the streets – demonstrations can, quite literally, take place virtually.

The endorsement of a single celeb is worth many plebs. So, to mark its 45th birthday, Amnesty International is holding an exhibition of photographs in the public gallery attached to The Hospital – the swanky private members club aimed at the creative industries. The snaps were taken by Jake Gavin and Sean Gleason, and include many of the usual suspects, such as Gordon Ramsay, John Hurt, Sam Taylor-Wood and Tracy Emin, all proclaiming their support for human rights that are being eroded away at home or ignored elsewhere.

For a retro or interactive touch (depending on your taste), the placards in the photographs are available in return for a little donation as badges, which are happy to be pinned to any garment, donkey jacket or otherwise.

Protect the Human runs from 1 to 6 June at The Hospital, 24 Endell Street, London WC2H.

For more information see www.amnesty.org.uk.

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