Foto Follies, Duane Michals

Fool’s wisdom

Much respected as a ‘photographer’s photographer’, Duane Michals mocks the art photography establishment in his new book. Is he just a joker in his twilight years, or does he have



Fitch’s global creative chief Tim Greenhalgh conforms to none of the usual designer stereotypes. As Trish Lorenz discovers, he is gregarious and unpretentious – and he loves public speaking and

Blue bag

Festival folio

Despite some criticisms about the exterior treatment, the refurbishment of the Royal Festival Hall is sparking renewed interest in the 1950s – a decade that many designers are now turning

Interbrand tops design group brands

Interbrand has been rated the most recognised and trusted of the UK’s design group brands, according to the latest Superbrands rankings.The consultancy is placed 235th, ahead of Omnicom stablemate Wolff

Hospital wayfinding

Curing the hospital

Finding your way around hospitals can be notoriously tricky. Pamela Buxton weighs up the merits of some mooted solutions – such as colour-coding and personalised navigation systems – and argues

Paper House

Finishing school

A show dedicated to the great Finnish Modernist Alvar Aalto, ‘through the eyes of Shigeru Ban’, might suggest the use of designers and architects as flavours, like so much cinnamon

Taking a risk to share rewards

Royalty or equity deals are good ways to benefit from a client’s success, but first you must do your homework and get advice from professionals


‘Graphics has hit a watershed, not knowing which way to go from here. With all stylistic trends plundered, is there anywhere to go but backwards?’ So asked Mike Dempsey while

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