Seeing work in print can make your parents proud

With regard to last week’s Vox Pop about artistic achievements, when you grow up a bit you start to think it might be nice to show your parents you’re not quite the waster they seem to think you are and that you have actually achieved something within your chosen career.

I was with my dad in Newcastle about three months ago visiting the recently opened Baltic art gallery (finally Newcastle gets a gallery to be proud of). While we were in the book shop my dad stumbled across various design books and started to look for work that we/ I might have done. He was quite pleasantly surprised to find rather a lot of my work had been published, and bought a big pile of them. He was also quite impressed with the two Baftas that sit on our telly at work.

Sometimes it’s impossible to get across to the people that matter in your life what you actually do and to what level you might be seen at. Things like that help and seeing my work in print is something I’d always dreamed of.

As for the future, I’m looking forward to working with some of my real peers later this year, hopefully including Andries Odendaal, a very good friend and scarily talented, and Tom Roope, who we’ve been trying to do something together on the Physical Interactive side with for a year now…. and just keep making fun things.

Simon ‘Sanky’ Sankarayya

Art director


London N1

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