Industrial transformations

Ovid wrote all 15 books of his epic poem Metamorphoses two millennia ago as an investigation into everything in heaven and earth. His supposition, that God and man, animal and mineral, plants and the elements are fashioned from the same stuff, debunked classical order, and has since been a fertile source for artists tackling the […]

Framework for future success

The late Sir John Harvey-Jones wrote, ‘There are three kinds of company: those that make things happen, those that follow what happens and those that wonder what happened.’

Think before you print

Designers could be Greener when it comes to specifying paper, says Dominic Murphy. More recycling and sustainable thinking – as well as using sustainable sources – are the best options for creatives who really want to save the planetGo on, be honest. As a designer, how often do you use environmentally friendly paper? Probably not […]

Fringe activity

Gloom? What gloom? Whatever the mood in the UK, the sun was shining in Milan last month as international furniture buffs gathered for the annual fair. There was a resigned acceptance of the re-election of Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi among the locals, but nothing to suggest an economic decline in the wares on display in […]


South African architect Luyanda Mpahlwa has devised an ingenious low-cost home to tackle the housing crisis in Cape Town’s townships. Sean O’Toole meets a professional who is taking issue with the urban planning sceneYou don’t have to be a statistician to realise that things don’t add up in Cape Town. Swooping in by plane over […]

Consultation is all well and good, but we are the experts

Wonderful piece on co-design (Comment, DW 17 April). We’ve just lost an account because a client ran our creative past a public focus group, which rejected our concepts. I put it down to the client’s lack of vision and a lack of confidence. How can you make an informed decision based on what someone likes? […]

… so it only makes sense for creatives to take up the reins

Roger Hughes claims strong leaders are a must-have in a design consultancy (Business Insight, DW 10 April). I couldn’t agree more. In fact, this assertion surely applies to the broader creative and cultural sector too. It’s great to hear people in the industry talking about the need to develop strong leaders. Some advertising agencies have […]


The Food Standards Agency is failing to consult designers on a European Commission proposal about food labelling, despite canvassing retailers, manufacturers and the advertising industry. Why is it important for designers to be involved in the food-labelling debate? What a fantastic opportunity to create an information graphics icon, a classic that will live on food […]

Two stripes and you’re out, or is it three, four, five?

So, the Adidas trademark ruling triggers warnings over ‘lookalike’ stripes, does it (News, DW 17 April)? Well, that’s just bloody ridiculous. I could have understood the European Court of Justice’s ruling if it related to three stripes, but only just. Two stripes, on the other hand, is surely setting a thoughtless precedent. Hell, maybe Nike […]

Inspired, Layton Reid – Ravensbourne College of Design and Communications

Originally, I thought I’d choose something from the all-encompassing Internet and talk about how inclusive it is. Then I remembered what made me believe that there was a place for me in this business – great ideas which push beyond the limits and question the status quo.Why? Because design isn’t only about things, but also […]

Surrogate statements

It can be rather too easy to tell a designer by their dress, whether they opt for black or more frivolous attire. David Bernstein on the perils of fashion ‘And what do you do?”I’m a designer.”You look like a designer.”Look?”Well… dress.’ Surprising how conservative creatives can be. Go to their conventions and you’ll be immersed […]

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