Industrial transformations

Ovid wrote all 15 books of his epic poem Metamorphoses two millennia ago as an investigation into everything in heaven and earth. His supposition, that God and man, animal and

Framework for future success

The late Sir John Harvey-Jones wrote, ‘There are three kinds of company: those that make things happen, those that follow what happens and those that wonder what happened.’

Think before you print

Designers could be Greener when it comes to specifying paper, says Dominic Murphy. More recycling and sustainable thinking – as well as using sustainable sources – are the best options

Fringe activity

Gloom? What gloom? Whatever the mood in the UK, the sun was shining in Milan last month as international furniture buffs gathered for the annual fair. There was a resigned


South African architect Luyanda Mpahlwa has devised an ingenious low-cost home to tackle the housing crisis in Cape Town’s townships. Sean O’Toole meets a professional who is taking issue with


The Food Standards Agency is failing to consult designers on a European Commission proposal about food labelling, despite canvassing retailers, manufacturers and the advertising industry. Why is it important for

Surrogate statements

It can be rather too easy to tell a designer by their dress, whether they opt for black or more frivolous attire. David Bernstein on the perils of fashion ‘And

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