… so it only makes sense for creatives to take up the reins

Roger Hughes claims strong leaders are a must-have in a design consultancy (Business Insight, DW 10 April). I couldn’t agree more. In fact, this assertion surely applies to the broader creative and cultural sector too. It’s great to hear people in the industry talking about the need to develop strong leaders.

Some advertising agencies have questioned the need for an executive creative director, because they don’t accept the need for a strong leader who can contribute to the vision and culture of a company, or they had an outdated idea of what such directors do. Because of this perception, there is a gap waiting to be filled.

With long-term policies such as Creative Britain which aim to put the creative industries at the heart of the economy, building strong leaders in this sector will inspire future talent and help shape the UK as the world’s creative hub.

Initiatives such as the Cultural Leadership Programme and the Clore Leadership Foundation are working towards this goal.

Louie Chow, Creative consultant, London W14

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