1 November 2001

Sitting pretty

Seats to rest your weary feet when you’re out and about are often taken for granted, but Sara Manuelli gets behind the priorities in public seating that inform most furniture

British Council promotes ReDesign

A series of touring exhibitions promoting British design in the Far East and Africa will kick off next month, indicating that the design sector remains buoyant despite the global economic

A marriage of convenience

Hannah Booth considers the motivation behind the Springpoint/ Luxon Carrà merger – is this the right economic time to be thinking about global expansion?

Future date

The eighth International Corporate Identity Symposium takes place on 23 November. It is open to managers, consultants, academics and students and provides a forum to hear presentations and papers on

Peacock Design reveals The Very Best Of

Peacock Design has designed the album sleeve for aging rocker Chris Rea’s latest release, The Very Best Of, using an x-ray of the musician’s 1962 Fender Stratocaster guitar. The consultancy

TfL to arrive at a new identity

Transport for London is set to appoint a group to revamp its identity by the end of this month. The authority has had an interim identity since September last year,

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