Emotional Pod runs red lights if not treated kindly

Toyota and Sony have designed a car, called The Pod, that displays the driver’s every emotion.

The four-seater, 1.5 litre-car is driven with a joystick instead of a steering wheel, has headlights and side-mirrors positioned to look like eyes and ears and a tail-like antenna at the rear.

It uses sensors to measure the driver’s pulse and perspiration and plays relaxing music when the driver is agitated (not Metallica, then?). And U-shaped grooves light up on The Pod’s bonnet and allow the car to change colour.

For example, when the car swerves sharply it turns an angry red, and when the owner approaches the car turns a happy orange-yellow.

What happens when the car breaks down, gets clamped or fails an MOT? The driver turns the air blue, of course.

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