New designers need to make a difference to a group

In reply to Robin Arnold’s letter ‘Why should finding junior design jobs be this hard?’ (DW 18 October), I sympathise and support anyone in this situation. I know first hand how hard it can be to crack the design industry.

Unfortunately, the industry has many problems: too many designers, not enough design consultancies, tight deadlines and cut-throat marketing-led clients. Somewhere in-between all that you have to allow for creativity.

Maybe I’m getting old and cynical, but I have the feeling that design consultancies often don’t care about scouting out good creative talent and those that do often go bust due to an over-optimistic business plan.

Design students in this country are taught to the highest standards, but can be too fussy about the kind of consultancy they eventually want to work for.

My feeling is that new designers should look at making a difference in a consultancy, rather than hoping for a name on their CV. This however, does not excuse the way many graduates are treated.

Graham Beale


Hollinger Telegraph New Media

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