1 November 2007

A big adventure

How do you make the story of space exploration engaging and accessible to people of all ages? Scale is the key, says Fiona Sibley, who is rather taken with the

Club doorman

Mini has addressed one of the few shortcomings of its standard hatchback – lack of space – with the new Clubman, but, as Nargess Shahmanesh-Banks discovers, the company has balanced

Broken promise

Print was a radical tool in the hands of the Modernist, Futurist avant-garde, but its anti-establishment potential withered with the arrival of an affluent consumer society. Rick Poynor examines the

Inner beauty

Jewellery that melts. Trompe l’oeil weeds. Paint-splattered stepladders. If ever a show is calculated to shock traditionalists out of their comfort zone, it’s Out of the Ordinary/ Spectacular Craft, staged

Good growth is business sense

Design groups can play their part in reducing climate change by putting sustainability at the heart of their business model, says Matthew Pudney


Cardboard inspired Giles Miller to come up with his most popular creations, but he is keen to explore the use of different materials with fellow members of Farm Designs, as

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