Bagel chain identity by Pocknell

Pocknell Studio has created the name, graphics and interiors for a fast food concept, billed as the first properly branded take-away bagel offer. The first of the Oi! Bagel chain is due to open in London’s Marylebone station in the second week of December.

The name Oi! Bagel is intended to be “modern, interesting, bright and funny,” says Pocknell Studio founder David Pocknell, “Oi! Bagel was a nice joke.”

As a concept, it is aimed at a broad cross section of the population, which includes office workers, the travelling public and tourists and will be located in busy areas. “It’s got a kind of London feel about it,” he adds of the concept.

The brand identity will appear on packaging, merchandise, facias and store detail. Marble, bleached timber and stainless steel will be used on the interiors. The venture, which was designed to compete head on with outlets such as the Pret A Manger chain, has been set up by catering operators Henderson & King.

“There are some bagel outlets open already, but we are going for a number of shops quite quickly. It’s important from the brand’s point of view to have more than one outlet,” Pocknell adds.

The brand was developed in May, but it took a long time to find the right sites. A second site is due to open in another London station, with others following elsewhere in the capital. “The sky’s the limit,” says Pocknell of the chain’s potential.

The bagel offer is the latest highly branded, quality food or drink retailer with aspirations on the UK’s high streets.

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