Briscoe breakaway launches…

Former staff from Edward Briscoe Design have launched a breakaway consultancy which they plan to build into a multi-disciplinary communications group.

Verve Design opened this week, with a start-up client list including Remy Cointreau Group, Greene King, Woolworths and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

Verve was formed by managing director Lea Banwell, new business director Gavin Walker, and communications director Julia James. All were directors or managers at Edward Briscoe Design and left in the past six months. Creative director Chris Simmons was the founder of Dome Consultancy, which Verve has acquired.

Verve has independent funding from an anonymous sleeping partner from the marketing and communications industry. The group will initially function as a multi-disciplinary design consultancy, with plans to launch marketing and public relations divisions in the future.

Verve is the second group, after Real Design, to be formed by ex-Edward Briscoe staff in less than a year (DW 7 November 1997).

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