Johnson Banks gives Action for Children new identity system

Flexible flow chart-style identity is developed to show and to explain the full range of work the charity is involved in.

Johnson Banks has rebranded charity Action for Children around the idea of flow charts, setting out different scenarios which always end with the phrase: How Action for Children Works.

The charity, which changed its name in 2008 from National Children’s Home, runs fostering and adoption services, offers family counselling and domestic abuse counselling, operates short break residential homes and works with schools.

“We were able to talk about the breadth of what they do”

A new identity system was inspired by a research stage that showed Johnson Banks how the organisation is always breaking cycles and re-routing lives for the better, according to the consultancy.

“From the first layouts we were able to talk about and illustrate the vast breadth of what they do,” says Johnson Banks.

“Root and branch redesign”

By taking this approach, “a complete root and branch re-write and redesign” of the charity’s communications was needed, according to the consultancy.

A series of posters was created based on the accounts of staff who work for the charity. These stories were collected by Johnson Banks as they went on a UK tour running workshops.

The roll out includes a campaign across the Guardian and the Observer, which replaces a previous advertising strategy where a call is put out for foster parents in the new year.

All staff have received a brand booklet and a staff newspaper. Offices have new signage, the website has been redesigned and a range of stationery has been created.


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  • Stephanie April 11, 2017 at 11:43 am

    Not seen a flow chart style identity before, so this feels quite refreshing. Feel that the copy could have worked a little harder though in the posters.

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