Apple redesigns website – aims to sell EVEN MORE products

Apple says the redesign aims to make it easier for people to buy products online.

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Apple has redesigned its website with the aim of making it easier to buy its products online.

The new website sees Apple’s products broken out into groups, including Mac, iPad, iPhone and Watch.

Each product information page now features a “buy” link, which lets the viewer immediately buy the product they are looking at.

Apple says it has also grouped all its accessories together with their “product families”.

It has also combined all its products, accessories and support together in its new search function, which lets people buy directly from the search page.

The tech giant says its new website “combines the shopping experience with our product information”. It adds: “Now you can shop everywhere across and purchase products right where you learn about them.”

According to Apple’s most recent financial results, in the third quarter of its 2015 financial year the company sold more than 47 million iPhones, nearly 11 million iPads and nearly 5 million Macs.

Apple wouldn’t reveal how many units of its newest product the Apple Watch had been sold, referring to it only as a “successful launch”.

Apple previous website design won a D&AD Black Pencil award in 2010.

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