SomeOne clears up credit ratings with new brand

Consultancy SomeOne has created the visual identity and brand for new free credit rating service ClearScore, using a “simple” design to demonstrate clarity and transparency.

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SomeOne has created the branding for new credit report company ClearScore, with the aim of attributing it clarity and transparency.

ClearScore is the UK’s first service to provide customers with free access to their credit reports and credit scores.

The consultancy, alongside ClearScore’s in-house design team, created the entire brand, including the name and narrative, visual identity and online interface.

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The design includes a “simple” and mostly white logo and typeface, the use of outline icons and background imagery.

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The user experience includes images which get gradually clearer the further users progress on the website, which aims to symbolise a growing clarity.

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The logo also symbolises a clock or countdown, says Gary Holt, co-founder at SomeOne, which is “shorthand for the simple process” of steps to get your credit score.

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Users can monitor, check progress and set aims for their credit rating on the website, through the use of numerical ratings and sentences representing different stages of progress, such as “Let’s start climbing” and “Looking bright”, encased in bubbles.

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SomeOne intended the design to “bring a new level of clarity”, says co-founder Simon Manchipp, through reversing the “current complex nature of credit rating”.

The brand aims to make the “confusing and closed, open clear and transparent”, says ClearScore CEO and co-founder Justin Basini.

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He adds that the company wants to make “the unclear world of finance easy to access and understand”.

The company says its main ethos is to enable consumers to take control of their “financial well-being” by keeping track of their “financial CV”, made up of accounts such as credit cards, loans and mortgages.

The ClearScore website is now live.

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