PHIL ASHCROFT illustrated Sureshot’s CD cover, Underground Symphony for Ninebar Records. The brief was for a cityscape which was not stereotypical of the usual drum and bass CD look. Ashcroft came up with the painterly image of the musician’s birthplace. Ninebar’s Darren Hale commissioned Ashcroft ‘because he was known to the musician and because we liked his style’.

Phil Ashcroft: Tel: 0181-769 5707

ROBERT THOMSON was one of five cartoonists commissioned by The Partners to illustrate a new brochure for loss adjuster Ellis & Buckle. They wanted to avoid ‘typical’ illustrations, and to highlight little-known, key facts about the organisation. Thomson was chosen because his style contrasts with illustrations inside the brochure. Here, Elvis demonstrates a replacement service for precious items.

Robert Thomson: 01373 830705

ROBIN BARTON took the portrait photography for the Tag Heuer brochure designed by Carré Noir. Says creative director Andrew Pengilly: ‘The brochure revolves around people associated with Tag Heuer. I chose Barton because, not only is he an incredibly professional bloke to work with, he captures the personality of his subjects so well.’

Robin Barton: Tel: 0171-602 8286

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